Environmental Testing

Mycoscience offers the highest quality environmental testing of airborne, surface, and water microbial levels. We provide testing, certification, and monitoring of viable and non-viable particulates in both medical device and pharmaceutical environments. We also offer training programs for environmental control and can assist you with establishing appropriate environmental limits. Mycoscience works with you to develop a concise, cost-effective sampling strategy.

Our lab staff has extensive background in bacterial and mold analysis. We provide clear, comprehensive reports in a timely fashion and will assist you with meaningful resolutions.

If you are in charge of quality assurance, regulatory compliance or industrial hygiene, you can rely on our expertise and technical support to resolve microbial air and surface contamination problems.

Viable Air Sampling
Surface Sampling
Water Testing and Water System Validations
Airborne Particle Counts
Cleanroom Testing, Certification, and Training
Environmental Monitoring Programs
Bacterial, Mold, and Yeast Identification
Disinfectant Efficacy