Test Codes

Laboratory Services
The lab personnel at Mycoscience have decades of microbiological experience and training. Mycoscience offers a modern laboratory with state of the art equipment. Our quality and service are unparalleled in the medical industry. Your tests go on line, on time, guaranteed. We'll fax you a report at no extra charge. Moreover, we will meet or beat competitors' pricing. That's the kind of service you deserve.

Sterilization and Sterility Assurance
Sterility Testing
Dose Verification Audits
LAL Pyrogen Testing
Bioburden Testing
Sterilization Validations: ETO, Radiation, and Steam
Validation of Reusable Devices: Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization

General Microbiology
USP Preservative Effectiveness
USP Microbial Limits
AOAC/EPA Disinfectant and Sanitizer Testing
Bacterial and Fungal Identification
D-value Studies
Contact Lens Disinfection Guidelines
Microbiological Research and Development

Package Testing and Stability Programs
Product and Package Shelf-Life
Accelerated Aging
Microbial Package Challenges
ASTM Burst, Leak, and Creep Testing
Simulated Transport Testing

Environmental Microbiology
Air and Surface Sampling
Water Testing and Coliform Screening
Clean Room Sampling: Viable and Non-Viable Particulates
Customized Monitoring Programs

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